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Legends 5 Bedroom Home, Life Time Ownership

05/29/2010 ¦ Posted by Elquinjena ¦ 2,724 Views  0 Comments

Those who were lucky enough to get the loot card “Legends 5 Bedroom [...]

Watch out for Guides in game, They have SPARKEYS!

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Sparkys!! Everybody loves them!! Now the wonderful guides have them to pass out.  [...]


EQ2 Battlegrounds – Was it fun for a Pve’r?

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Normally, I am just a PVE player. Give me mobs that stand there [...]


EQ2 More Mysterious Things

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Its funny how Kerrans love to play They sort of remind me of [...]

priestess love stronger than hate

EQ2: No Love For Erollisi

02/04/2010 ¦ Posted by Elquinjena ¦ 3,258 Views  0 Comments

Erollisi was dead: to begin with.  There is no doubt whatever about that.  [...]